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my favorite memories?/
where do i even begin/
well i guess the beginning is as good a place as any/
ya feel me?/
way back when/
where this all begins/
i'd like y'all to close your eyes for a minute/
come with me on a lil' journey/
it starts like this/

(verse 1)
roll up a phat one pass it around/
bump up the beat be one with the sound/
lean back lay back look up at the sun/
this is what we used to do for fun/
on 'em sun blindin' springtime afternoons/
rollin' 'round town spittin' with nothin' to prove/
hopped in the ride took off for the bay/
flowin' dope rhymes all of the way/
every day a new adventure we had plenty to take/
101 vibe ridin' as the melodies blazed/
of course without a doubt we had plenty to say/
jus' look around wont’cha? don't be afraid/
the pretty blonde meetin' your gaze her hair in a braid?/
or that man with a cigarette pipe and his fade?/
what they say?/
well jus' look close in they eyes/
close your eyes and you can see 'em jus' as close as i/

high in the ride with the windows down/
rollin' 'round town livin' life lovin' the sounds/
like this (echo)/
like this (echo)/

(verse 2)
now she took her seat legs crossed flashed a hint of her thigh/
i had to ask her sittin' there "how ya get so fly?"/
she laughed looked me over said “i was her guy”/
like that i was almost taken aback/
'til i realized she was lookin' for love back/
like that we was two found again/
best friends though we didn't really know it then/
'til the first place that you really notice in kicked in/
and i was high on cloud nine/
and ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and five/
it was a sign really jus' a feelin' inside/
that grew like a vine from the heart to the spine/
and not a day goes by i don't look to the sky/
sayin' "thank you God for the love of my life"/
oh yeah it's A Wonderful Life/
tho with a lil' mo' color mixed with the black and the white now/


(verse 3)
now look in to the future what do you see?/
i see me doin' everything i used to be/
'cept for bullsh*t free and with some new beliefs/
straight off that classic tip though i still do speak/
i hit the mic in the night rip the grind in the day/
give up what i can to get a little back in this play/
on and off the stage i rep hard what i spray/
take charge of my fate and make what i make/
i stay away from ones who hate expose those fake/
a lil' bit of love i find is all that it takes/
to create a space so great where all can relate/
pause the beat squash the beef then take it away/
hit the leaf if you feelin' so inclined to recline/
do what you gotta do to keep up on your peace of mind/
if that a piece of mine? then lemme piece it out/
figure out what you about then follow that route/
no matter what you gotta do it up as you feel/
hence the reason why i'm doing what i do when i spiel/
and if it's real? then you got more than you need/
to full power on ahead with all of your steam/
and the more you puttin' in it? the more you receive/
like the same way you waterin' life outta your seed/
first believe, then work hard and you can achieve/
each and every single one of your dreams/

(hook x2)

way back when/
my favorite memories??/


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Peace of Mind Crew Honolulu, Hawaii

PEACE OF MIND CREW, with SAM THE PAKMAN on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, is pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Open, honest, conscious, uplifting vibes for light-seekers and truth-appreciators celebrating the good life everywhere. ... more

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