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this life/
one life to live/
gotta (gonna) give it my all/
use my all to give back/
to the people who be kickin' it back/
this life/
one life to live/
so bring it back/

(verse 1)
now it's a sunny Californ-i-day/
all the way out to HI Ha-waii-ay!/
it feels so great with the sun in my face/
take a taste of the breeze..it got a hint of the sea/
and the palm trees green i see lining these streets/
emceeing for the sake of being happy and free/
like my homey dj Wunda who be laying this beat/
play it loud in ya jeep bring it back then repeat/
now if you diggin' on the vibe get ta tappin' ya feet/
noddin' ya heads yeah i see ya smiling cheek to cheek/
this makes me feel complete because you feelin' G/
double O D on the peace like smokin' the leaf/
feel a sense of relief as the stress is released yes/
this is jus' the rest of all that you need/
please just accept what it is that you be/
and we can move on together like the melody/


(verse 2)
now i got raps on the cabana rolled up like a Havana cigar/
i come with funky style i never be hard hearted or hard headed/
cos i live with the larger picture/
embedded like the skies with the stars/
i liftcha if ya feelin' like ya never been loved/
come get some if ya want it there's no need to be scarred/
or scared for those impaired by the words that i slur/
ya heard it all before but you ain't ever heard these words before/
performed before your very eyes/
i speak the truth homey only some fools lie/
but why??/
ain't no need for that when i feel live jive high/
lifted shifted gifted jus' like the sun rise/
connect like Wi-fi/
you i? why fight?/
the right type of vibe keep you and i high in flight/
so i like to do like the doers do/
and say "peace catch you later when you come on through"/


and that's a fact/
you can count on that/
check it out/
this jus' how we do/

now you soaking up the feeling when you soak in the sun/
you joking with this feeling when you joking having some fun/
and if you open to this feeling then you open to us/
and with you open to the feeling you be open to trust/
just do what you wanna do/
coming through for the people who be coming through for you/
cos that's the only way to give it live it/
when you with it kick it stick it/
deep in your soul center/
you'll be feeling so better/


(verse 3)
now it's evenin' time and yo we gotta close this rhyme up/
what better way to do this then to tell you all what's all up/
the hold up is that the love seems to be holed up deep/
only way to come together is for us to speak/
now i understand there's mad men lurking in this world/
tryin' to teach little boys and girls/
the mean things, the bling things, the cash rules everything/
but that ain't right see there's more to this life/
than what the eyes see i see livin' this life/
and what that life means is keepin' on to chasin' ya dreams/
doin' good things and makin' sure to keep earth clean/
and helpin' people out when they ain't got nothing to eat/
havin' good times with friends and everyone that’chu meet/
has got something to teach if you listen to each/
reach inner peace/
through the birds and the trees/
like the birds and the bees/
calm and complete/

(hook, repeat)


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Peace of Mind Crew Honolulu, Hawaii

PEACE OF MIND CREW, with SAM THE PAKMAN on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, is pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Open, honest, conscious, uplifting vibes for light-seekers and truth-appreciators celebrating the good life everywhere. ... more

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