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i'd like to dedicate the following track to all my real peoples out there/
you know/
the ones who keep it real with what they say/
but more importantly/
the ones who keep it real with what they do/
and that's the truth/
check it out/

(verse 1)
now what's the difference between you and me?/
well i do it for the love while you do it for the fee/
what the *&#@?/
you be thinkin' that you gettin' it from me?/
forget it/
you gettin' dropped rocked and thrown out to the sea/
you blown out emcees don't phase me/
we bring it to ya thrones drop ya drones ably/
crazy if you thinkin' that your lifestyles rich/
you prone to gettin' splayed out like some mark ass tricks/
i got the fix deep in my center/
creeps sleep when i enter/
when i speak they surrender/
cos i see through pretenders claiming realness when they not/
jus' cos you speak the language don't mean you hip hop/
so jus' stop, knock off the bullsh*t ya talkin'/
wanna keep it real?! well then you better get to walkin'/
backin' up those words that you droppin' cos often/
what you do reflect more on you than what's on the surface/

this tale begins around the bend/
for all those who pretend?/
and all those who my friends??/
when push comes to shove who remains in the end?/
real love for the ones who keepin' it genuine/

(verse 2)
and blam! damn! Pak is back!/
kopped the heat off my man dj Wunda's track/
gettin' back to the basics face it/
i come to correct crooked vision like a laser Lasik/
you hate this cos i make corrective statements/
but when you fake the game? imma make you face it/
take it to a place where you can not waste it/
i give all i got to keep hip hop blazing/
amazing you can even show your face in/
this place when the space you create is rapin'/
our children and everything you say's endangerin'/
men and women who feel you not breakin'/
the cycle like rifles you come complacent/
complainin' 'bout all while you keep enslavin'/
you can fall from your tall walls brawl and all/
imma ball from the basement/


now people gonna talk/
a whole lotta "i am this” and "blah blah blah”/
but the only thing that matters in the end/
is whether not they true to what they said/

(verse 3)
now if you wanna talk a whole buncha whack?/
understand you gonna get smacked right up off the track/
genuine is not an act/
true life is how you pass through it/
reveal your real and cruise through fluid/
think before you speak and the way in which you do it/
otherwise this beat gonna smack you through stupid/
if you claimin' you the Don? you probably on foolish/
so cool it/
remember who be the truest/

(hook x2)


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Peace of Mind Crew Honolulu, Hawaii

PEACE OF MIND CREW, with SAM THE PAKMAN on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, is pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Open, honest, conscious, uplifting vibes for light-seekers and truth-appreciators celebrating the good life everywhere. ... more

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